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Lena Park Worked with eAeon and Neons on Parallax

R&B songstress and I Am A Singer graduate Lena Park released her eighth full-length album Parallax today, June 19th. To make the album she’s worked with over 150 people, among them Mongoose‘s Mongu aka Neons, that worked with her to create a retro electro feeling on the track “Raindrops”. Mot‘s eAeon worked together with her on “You Don’t Know Me”, also lending his vocals to the song.

Additionally Shinchireem‘s Cho Jung Chi played the guitar on both “도시전설” and “Song For Me”, and though it remains clear exactly how from the album info Kang Hyun Min and Lee Jae Hak — the two members of Loveholics — too appear to have been involved somehow.

Prior to the release of the album T-entertainment uploaded promo videos for some of the tracks, including both “Raindrops” and “You Don’t Know Me” where parts of the songs can be heard as Lena Park and Neons and eAeon respectively can be seen talking about the songs.


Full Shut Up! Flower Boy Band Released with W&Whale Cover

The final episode of tvN drama Shut Up! Flower Boy Band (닥치고 꽃미남밴드) aired last Tuesday. The following Thursday, March 22nd, the full soundtrack was released. As expected it contained all the songs previously released as digital singles as well as a number of other songs written by music director and Loveholics member Lee Jae Hak. Also included was a cover of W&Whale’s “소녀 곡예사 (Circus)“, performed by Two MonthsKim Yerim.


Two Months’ Kim Yerim Sings with Infinite’s L

Part 5 of the soundtrack for Shut Up! Flower Boy Band is released on March 12th. This time Kim Yerim of Two Months and Infinite‘s L that both double as actors in the drama are singing a duet called “Love U Like U”. Before the weekend CJ E&M enewsWorld shared some insights from behind the scenes of a scene, among other things mentioning the duet as a part of the story of the drama: Ye Rim and Infinite’s L on the Set of ‘Shut Up: Flower Boy Band’.

Part 4 of the soundtrack was released on March 5th, featuring the song “Wake Up”. Like part 2 and part 3 the song is written by LoveholicsLee Jae Hak and like for the song on part 2 actor Sung Joon provided the vocals.

A music video for “Love U Like U”, containing some spoilers, has also been released:


10cm Take Position 20 on Billboard’s K-Pop Chart after 8th Week

After eight weeks on the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100, 10cm‘s “애상” is now down to position 20–losing five spots since the week before as the chart for week of March 10 was published. Three artists saw their song debuting in the top 10 whereas Brave Girls with their “요즘 너” entered a couple of spots above 10cm’s current position.

Climbing past 10cm since last week is Kim Bum Soo’s “애인있어요“–a Lee Eun Mi cover released as part of Yoon Il Sang’s 1st Anniversary project just like 10cm’s “애상”. Also climbing past 10cm are Hyorin, Jiyeon and Ailee with their “Super Star” from drama Dream High 2. This leaves 10cm falling behind Block B‘s “NalinA (난리나)” whereas Na Yoon Kwon and Baek Ji Young duet “겁이나서” and Lee Young Hyun with her Park Wan Gyu cover “천년의 사랑” from I Am A Singer fell behind 10cm.

Falling out of the top 50 since last week, now only traceable through the Biggest Fall tab when you don’t have access to, are Sung Joon‘s “무단횡단” (now on spot 62) and Two Months‘ “The Romantic” (now on spot 64). Also missing since last week is Park Jiyoon’s “나무가 되는 꿈 (Tree of Life)“.

Source: Billboard

10cm Move Slowly Down Billboard’s K-Pop Chart

For the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 week of March 3, 10cm are down four spots since the previous week to position 15 on the chart. Two songs debuted higher than 10cm’s current position–Lee Seung Chul‘s “잊었니” from the Feast of the Gods (신들의 만찬) soundtrack at position 6 and miss A‘s “Touch” at position 14. Three songs that debuted lower on the chart last week climbed past 10cm and with three weeks on the chart now Jay Park too has climbed past 10cm with his “Know Your Name“. Instead falling behind 10cm were Monday Kiz and their “Shadow (미행)” alongside K.Will‘s “내가 싫다”

Falling quite a bit since last week was Two Months‘ “The Romantic”, moving all the way down from position 14 to position 40. A couple of indie related songs debuted on the same segment of the chart: there is Sung Joon with the Lee Jae Hak (of Loveholics) “무단횡단” on position 32 and there is Park Jiyoon with her “나무가 되는 꿈 (Tree of Life)” partly written by Kwon Soon Gwan of No Reply.

Source: Billboard

New Flower Boy Band Song from Loveholics’ Lee Jae Hak

Part 3 of the soundtrack for drama Shut Up! Flower Boy Band (닥치고 꽃미남밴드) was released as a digital single today, February 20th. Just as for Part 2 the drama’s music director, Lee Jae Hak of Loveholics fame, has composed the song on the single. The song title is “어쩌다 널” and this time it is Kim Min Seok, former SuperStar K3 contestant and keyboardist in the fictional band, that provides the vocals.

Source: maniadb

Loveholics’ Lee Jae Hak Song on New Shut Up! Flower Boy Band Single

tvN drama Shut Up! Flower Boy Band, with Mate‘s Lee Hyun Jae acting the drummer, is on its third week of broadcasts. Today, February 13th, part 2 of the soundtrack was released as a digital single. The song on the single is called “무단횡단” and was written by the drama’s music director, LoveholicsLee Jae Ha. The song is performed by actor Sung Joon, who holds the part of vocalist for the band in the drama.

Part 1 of the soundtrack was released a week ago, on February 6th. It has Lee Minki doing a cover of “Not In Love”–originally a Crystal Castles song featuring Robert Smith of The Cure.

A music video for “무단횡단” with clips from the drama was also released today:


Shut Up! Flower Boy Band with Mate Drummer and Loveholics Bassist

Mid-December it was announced that Mate drummer Lee Hyun Jae will act the part of drummer in coming drama Shut Up! Flower Boy Band (닥치고 꽃미남밴드). This week it was announced that LoveholicsLee Jae Hak is the music director of the show which premiers on tvN at 11pm, January 30th.