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Tete Releases Full-Length Album Featuring Han Hee Jung and Fromm

Former Telepathy bassist Tete announced that he would be releasing his first full-length album with the release of digital single Midnight Picnic in February. It was followed by digital single Emerald Sky beginning of June, and on June 22nd album Eclipse was released.

The album includes both songs from the singles, “Midnight Picnic” in a remastered version, as well as a remastered version of “저녁” from solo debut Romantico. For the album title track Han Hee Jung has been featured, whereas Fromm can be heard on album lead track “Blind”. A music video for “Blind” was revealed same day as the album came out:


Busker Busker Joined by Guckkasten and Epitone Project on Billboard’s K-Pop Hot 100

In spite of several high profile releases last week, as Billboard published their Korea K-Pop Hot 100 for the week of June 23 Busker Busker still remained in the visible top half of the chart. “벚꽃 엔딩” had moved five spots down to position 30 whereas we may be seeing the last of “여수 밤바다”, that had moved down eight spots to position 50. With eleven weeks total behind them, the two are both among the longest lasting songs currently on the chart as the one week older “이상형” has left the chart completely.

It turns out Guckkasten had entered the chart already last week with their rendition of Lee Jang Hee‘s “한잔의 추억” from I Am A Singer 2, but as it debuted on position 56 it was not until after moving up nine spots, making it up to position 45, that it became visible to those without a Billboard biz account.

Newcomers on the chart include Verbal Jint, that together with 10cm‘s Kwon Jung Yeol debuted on position 6 with “Good Morning”. Epitone Project also entered the chart, with new album lead track “새벽녘” debuting on position 18 and “다음날 아침”, featuring Han Hee Jung, debuting on position 47.

Source: Billboard

Epitone Project Releases Second Album

On June 7th Epitone Project will release his second full-length album, 낯선 도시에서의 하루. It’s been two years since the first after which we’ve primarily heard him together with Lucia. The new release offers a total of twelve new titles, including the song “다음날 아침” which is a duet with Han Hee Jung.

Building anticipation for the release Pastel Music published a teaser video two days ago set to a piece of new album song “새벽녘”. Since then the full music video has been revealed, directed by Lee Yong Hee:


Han Hee Jung and Afternoon Sing Covers for Pastel Music’s 10th Anniversary

Following volume one of Pastel Music’s 10th anniversary celebrations, the second digital single in the series was released on June 1st. Continuing with covers of songs previously released under Pastel Music, the single has Han Hee Jung singing Eloise‘s “미성년” and also sees Jaejoo BoysPark Kyung Hwan return under the moniker Afternoon while performing Zitten‘s “TV Show”.


Pastel Music Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Covers

In 2012 Pastel Music celebrates 10 years and they do so with a series of new singles and concerts. The first single was released on April 20th and featured two Pastel artists covering two other Pastel artists. First there was Casker with their version of Han Hee Jung‘s “잔혹한 여행” and then there was Fanny Fink singing Zitten‘s “곁에”.

A week ago Pastel Music shared a trailer to their 10th anniversary celebrations:


Save The Air Vol. 2 Offers New Songs from Pastel Artists

In November 2010 Pastel Music launched a series of concerts under the name Green Concert which has continued since. A compilation called SAVe tHE AiR: Green Concert was released in January last year and on February 9th time has come for SAVe tHE AiR: Green Concert Vol.2. Like the first time a number of Pastel Music’s own and other invited artists offer previously unreleased songs on the green theme.

Participating this time around are J Rabbit, Linus’ Blanket, Zitten, Tensi Love, Glen Check, Casker, Han Hee Jung, Monni, Trampauline, The KOXX, Yozoh and Sumiara and Phonestuber. A music video for the new Casker song “New World” was released today:


VOY meet Gyepy, Han Hee Jung, Oh Ji Eun

End of last year VOY made a return with new project VOY meet girl. The three member modern rock band debuted with album Fragile in 2006 and followed up with an EP called 쉬어가기 a year later. Since then VOY, led by soundtrack composer and producer Lee Byung Hun, have taken on an acid pop flavor and, as the title of the project implies, invited female vocalists to sing.

Two VOY meet girl digital singles were released on December 7th and 16th respectively and a six track EP followed suit on December 27th. First to be featured was Gyepy, who had been singing songs of Lee Byung Hun’s already during their time together in Ukulele Picnic. Next followed Han Hee Jung, singing a song called “기억을 쓴다” that since has gotten a music video: