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Mimyo Releases New EP Floating Ones

On June 13th, electronic artist Mimyo released his first proper EP Floating Ones. It holds eight tracks total, including six new titles and two remixes. For opening track “The Way I Like to Picture You” on Mookou plays acoustic guitar. Big Baby Driver is featured on the song “Lost Words”, also available in a remix from, and actress Kkobbi Kim (of Breathless fame) can be heard on the track “Synth Pop”, also available in a remix from Eunchurn.

With a sound lingering somewhere in between ambient and IDM, the album info states that for this release Mimyo “constantly induces a result different from most of ‘down tempo’ IDM, with his persistent attempts in cautiously bringing in intellectual minimalism of electro-acoustic and in juxtaposing sound with other methods than delay.” The remix in particular comes recommended by The Creators Project.

Ahead of the release Mimyo offered a public invitation to participate in the music video for “Lost Words”, encouraging people to record themselves saying something they couldn’t say to anybody. The result was revealed at the beginning of the month:


Indie Rock Fest This Summer

I just heard about a really interesting indie rock festival going on in the southwestern part of Seoul this summer, on July 5-7: the 2012 Guro Indie Rock Festival. July 6 in particular looks like an interesting line-up (although if you are younger and have more energy than me, you might prefer the 7th).

Each night has a theme:
- July 5 is Music of the Night, featuring Autumn Vacation, Kim Mok In, Lee Young Hoon, and Big Baby Driver. Starts at 7:30.
- July 6 is Psychedelic Ecstasy, featuring Loro’s, Vidulgi OoyoO, Baek Hyun-jhin, and Byul. Starts at 7:30
- July 7 is All Kinds of World Rock’n'Roll, with Moonshiners, Goongnamgwayeo Riding Stella, The Freaks, 24 Hours, Mukimukimanmansu, Microkid, Galaxy Express, and Kirin. Starts at 4pm

For more info, you can try the Guro Arts Valley website (sorry, but no English link for buying tickets that I could see).

It really is amazing to me how much is going on in the summers in Korea these days, compared to just a few years ago. Most of them have a pretty good lineup of local acts, too:
- Beautiful Mint Life: end of April
- Green Plugged: mid-May
- World DJ Fest: end of May (despite its hiphop/dance theme, this festival does a good job spotlighting Korean indie rock bands, as well as some indie r&b and hiphop)
- Rainbow Island: June 9-10, with Jason Mraz, Christina Perri, Felix da Housecat and a pretty good lineup of Korean indie acts
- Guro Indie Festival
- Summer Wave: July 14-15, with Ludacris, M-Flo, Tato Cruz
- Jisan Valley: July 27-29, with Radiohead (yeah, I’m old)
- Ultra Music Festival Korea: Aug. 3-4, featuring electronica/dance
- Pentaport: Aug. 10-12
- Supersonic Korea: Aug. 14-15, with New Order, Tears for Fears, Smashing Pumpkins, Foster the People, Vaccines.
- Grand Mint Festival: in mid-October
I’m sure I’m forgetting a few, too.

Indi Go Chart: March 11-25

Not a lot of changes to Daum’s Indi Go album chart this week. But an impressive showing by Broccoli You Too this week, moving up to take the Nos. 1 and 4 spots, despite both albums being nearly half a year old.

The Seoul Seoul Seoul project was the biggest new addition, coming in at sixth. Seoul Seoul Seoul is a big project, featuring 27 songs by most of the biggest names in Korean indie music. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but many of the songs are quite good.

Hanumpa is the only other new release in the top-10. 3rd Line Butterfly’s new EP Ice Cube made its debut at No. 12, so hopefully it will join this chart next time.

Album Rank – Artist – Album Title
1. Broccoli, You Too? – Popular Songs
2. Annyeongbada – Pink Revolution
3. eAeon – Guilt Free
4. Broccoli, You Too? – Graduation
5. Lucid Fall – Beautiful Days
6. Various – Seoul Seoul Seoul
7. Jazzy Fact – Lifes Like
8. Black Skirts – Don’t You Worry Baby (I’m Only Swimming)
9. Oksang Dalbit – 28
10. Hanumpa – Kiss From the Mystic

Taru and Glen Check are still No. 1 and No. 2 on the singles chart, but now 10cm is No. 3 and Chang Kiha has Nos. 4 and 5.

Song Rank – Artist – Song Title
1. Taru – 봄이왔다
2. Glen Check – Vogue Boys and Girls
3. 10cm – 안아줘요
4. Chang Kiha & the Faces – 우리 지금 만나
5. Chang Kiha & the Faces – 그렇고 그런 사이
6. Glen Check – French Virgin Party
7. Nell – 기억을 걷는 시간
8. Peterpan Complex – 첫사랑
9. Verbal Jint – 좋아보여
10. Annyeongbada – 야광별

For the full charts, check out Daum’s site.

First International Album from Released

After several years in the making, long at last‘s first international album Secret Stories Heard From a Girl in an Opium Den got its international release on March 6th. Published by US label Burnt Toast Vinyl the 2xLP album is also available both on CD and online with slightly different tracklists.

Gathering some of’s best songs throughout the years, the album opens with 2–more than ten year’s later perhaps still’s most popular song, originally included on the soundtrack for Take Care of My Cat (고양이를 부탁해). Having always been one of the most interesting entities in Korea’s indie scene the album offers a great variety in styles. Learn more about the album from the album info.

eMusic called the album genius and put ‘HIGHLY RECOMMENDED’ at the end of their brief review of the album. MTV Iggy too reviewed the album last week: Electronic Blues by a Seoul Art Collective. Mark got a preview of the album prior to the album and reviewed it for Korean Indie after the Korean release in November.


First Trailer for Seoul Seoul Seoul Compilation

The Seoul Seoul Seoul 2CD compilation, full of previously unreleased songs from an impressive collection of indie acts, will get a release this coming Thursday. A few days ago came a trailer for the project, directed by participating art collective

The songs from the compilation already released as digital singles can be sampled in short at Round & Round’s SoundCloud.

Source: Beatball Music’s blog

Lowdown 30 First Out for Seoul Seoul Seoul

Blues rock band Lowdown 30 are preparing to release their second full-length album on March 8th but will also participate on the Seoul Seoul Seoul compilation to be released only a couple of days earlier. Their contribution to the compilation is “서울의 밤” remixed by Walrus bassist Sion and it’s released on February 13th as the first of four digital singles preceding the full compilation.

Coming out as singles within the next few weeks are Osoyoung‘s “매일 떠나는 여행” (February 17th), Mongoose‘s “이른 한강에서” (February 21st) and Leo Bang‘s “돌계단 손잡이” (February 24th). Seoul Seoul Seoul will be a two disc tribute to Seoul and has an impressive tracklist full of previously unreleased tracks. Other names on the list include 3rd Line Butterfly, Plastic People, Bulssazo and Apollo 18.