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Busker Busker Reclaim the Top of Billboard’s K-Pop Hot 100

With the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 for the week of July 7, Busker Busker have again claimed the top spot, this time with the lead track from their new mini album. The rest of the songs also entered the chart — this while songs from their first album, released three months ago, still linger on the chart. With thirteen weeks behind them currently three of the first album songs are currently listed among those that have spent the longest time on the chart, only six songs having been around longer. Here’s what can be seen of Busker Busker on the K-Pop Hot 100 without a Billboard biz account:

1. “정말로 사랑한다면” (new)
4. “그댈 마주하는건 힘들어” (new)
6. “소나기” (new)
9. “네온사인” (new)
12. “기다려주세요” (new)
37. “벚꽃 엔딩” (-3)
55. “여수 밤바다” (-)
67. “첫사랑” (-7)

Progressing slightly since last week is 10cm‘s “Only U”, up one slot to position 41. “Good Morning”, the Verbal Jint collaboration with 10cm’s Kwon Jung Yeol, has instead moved down seven spots to position 14.

Climbing a lot since last week is Big Baby Driver‘s “Spring I Love You Best”. The song had entered at position 90, but now rests at position 45. Another newcomer on the upper half of the chart is Kim Jin Pyo‘s “아저씨” featuring J Rabbit, debuting at position 31.

Source: Billboard

K-Indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.06.17~2012.06.23

Barely had Busker Busker begun their exit from Gaon’s digital chart before they released their first album ‘closing’ mini album made an even bigger impact than the album before it. It debuted at the very top of Gaon’s album chart and the songs offered good competition to many other new releases on the digital track chart. Even with all the new releases, Busker Busker’s first album is now at position 11, only one slot lower than last week.

Also debuting on the album chart is Epitone Project‘s 낯선 도시에서의 하루, starting at position 16. However, though the songs from the album all entered the track chart last week only the lead track remains. Tete too had his first album Eclipse debut on the album chart, at position 49, though none of the songs could be found on the track chart.

Gate Flowers remain on the album chart with their first full-length album, down nine positions since last week now located at position 82. Nell on the other side have now disappeared completely both from the album chart and the track chart this week.

Among the indie themed newcomers on the chart there is the new 10cm single, the new Guckkasten single and the song from the new Lena Park album that features eAeon. There is also the new digital single from Daylight, released June 19th.

1. Busker Busker – “정말로 사랑한다면” (new)
3. Busker Busker – “그댈 마주하는건 힘들어 (그마힘)” (new)
6. Busker Busker – “소나기 (주르르루)” (new)
8. Busker Busker – “네온사인” (new)
12. Busker Busker – “기다려주세요” (new)
14. Verbal Jint feat. Kwon Jung Yeol – “굿모닝” (-9)
20. 10cm – “Only U” (new)
46. Busker Busker – “벚꽃 엔딩” (-3)
58. Guckkasten – “몽타주 (Montage)” (new)
61. Busker Busker – “여수 밤바다” (-4)
63. Busker Busker – “첫사랑” (-3)
74. Busker Busker – “꽃송이가” (-)
77. Epitone Project – “새벽”(-38)
83. Big Baby Driver – “You Are Everywhere” (new)
93. Big Baby Driver – “Spring I Love You Best” (new)
95. Busker Busker – “외로움 증폭장치 (브래드 드럼 한판 쉬기)” (-3)
104. Busker Busker – “이상형” (-6)
106. Guckkasten – “한잔의 추억” (-40)
124. Busker Busker – “전활 거네” (-13)
129. Shin Se Kyung – “넌 달콤했어” (feat. Sweden Laundry) (-32)
141. Lena Park – “You Don’t Know Me” (with eAeon) (new)
154. Standing Egg – “Keep Going” (+7)
155. Busker Busker – “골목길 어귀에서” (-26)
158. Busker Busker – “향수” (-24)
159. Guckkasten – “거울” (-50)
163. Park Jiyoon – “I Do” (-58)
180. Broccoli, you too? – “잔인한 사월” (-96)
183. Daylight – “그대 내 마음에” (new)
184. Broccoli, you too? – “앵콜요청금지” (new)
188. Busker Busker – “봄바람” (-7)
192. Verbal Jint – “좋아보여” (feat. The Black Skirts) (-6)
199. Acoustic Collabo – “첫사랑의 멜로디” (new)

Big Baby Driver has contributed to part 3 of the soundtrack for SBS drama A Gentleman’s Dignity (신사의 품격) both with lyrics and song on “You Are Everywhere” and with her own “Spring I Love You Best”, previously released on digital single and the 5th Anniversary Electric Muse compilation. The soundtrack single was released on June 10th.

Acoustic Collabo released digital single 첫사랑 Part.1 on June 22nd as the first part of their First Love Project. The single introduces two new songs and instrumental versions of the same. A music video for single track “첫사랑의 멜로디” has also been released:


10cm Enter Billboard’s K-Pop Hot 100 with Only U

The Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 chart for the week of June 30 has been out for a few days. After entering the chart last week, Verbal Jint and Kwon Jung Yeol of 10cm had to make way for f(x)‘s “Electric Show” and can now be found at position 7. As of this week Kwon Jung Yeol also has a second entry on the chart with 10cm’s “Only U” debuting at position 42.

This week we find Busker Busker‘s “벚꽃 엔딩” down four slots since last week, now residing at position 34. “여수 밤바다” has moved down five slots to position 55 and can now be traced without a Billboard biz account only through the ‘weeks on chart’ listing, where “벚꽃 엔딩” and “여수 밤바다” with their 12 weeks on the chart are currently listed as number 8 and 9 respectively.

The other two indie entries spotted on the chart last week have since taken some of the biggest falls. Epitone Project‘s “새벽녘” dropped 31 slots down to position 49 whereas Guckkasten‘s “한잔의 추억” can now be found at position 98, a full 53 slots lower than the week before.

Source: Billboard

K-Indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.06.10~2012.06.16

The new charts from Gaon are out. We find that Busker Busker moved down just one spot with their first full-length, now sitting at position 10. Gate Flowers’ first album has now fallen down to position 73 whereas the soundtrack of Shut Up! Flower Boy Band has climbed to position 79. New on the album chart is RossyPP‘s 29, though none of the songs made it to the track chart.

After debuting in the top 5 of Gaon’s Korean album chart last week, Epitone Project‘s second full-length album has now left the top 100, though all songs from the album remains on the Korean digital chart.

Many of the other songs that debuted on the chart last week have since climbed a bit, including Verbal Jint‘s collaboration with 10cm‘s Kwon Jung Yeol. The release also seems to have increased interest in his previous collaboration with The Black Skirts.

Among the indie related newcomers on the digital chart this week there’s both Standing Egg and Shin Se Kyung with Sweden Laundry. There is also Daybreak’s Lee Won Suk, that has recorded the song “러닝맨” for MBC drama I Do I Do (아이두 아이두) released as part 3 of the soundtrack on June 13th.

5. Verbal Jint feat. Kwon Jung Yeol – “굿모닝” (+23)
39. Epitone Project – “새벽녘” (+1)
43. Busker Busker – “벚꽃 엔딩” (-5)
57. Busker Busker – “여수 밤바다” (-10)
60. Busker Busker – “첫사랑” (-7)
66. Guckkasten – “한잔의 추억” (-30)
74. Busker Busker – “꽃송이가” (-9)
84. Broccoli, you too? – “잔인한 사월” (+26)
92. Busker Busker – “외로움 증폭장치 (브래드 드럼 한판 쉬기)” (-4)
97. Shin Se Kyung – “넌 달콤했어” (feat. Sweden Laundry) (new)
98. Busker Busker – “이상형” (-8)
103. Yozoh – “빈 하늘 바라보며” (+15)
105. Park Jiyoon – “I Do” (-42)
109. Guckkasten – “거울” (+11)
111. Busker Busker – “전활 거네” (-12)
115. Epitone Project – “다음날 아침” (with Han Hee Jung) (-22)
119. Epitone Project – “이제, 여기에서” (-24)
125. Epitone Project – “시차” (-21)
126. Epitone Project – “믿을게” (-23)
127. Epitone Project – “5122″ (-20)
129. Busker Busker – “골목길 어귀에서” (-21)
134. Busker Busker – “향수” (-19)
137. Epitone Project – “우리의 음악” (-25)
141. Epitone Project – “떠나자” (-27)
144. Epitone Project – “초보비행” (-27)
150. Lee Won Suk – “러닝맨” (new)
152. Epitone Project – “미뉴에트” (-26)
153. Epitone Project – “터미널” (-30)
161. Standing Egg – “Keep Going” (new)
165. Epitone Project – “국경을 넘는 기차” (-32)
180. Mongoose – “보헤미안 걸프렌드” (+82)
181. Busker Busker – “봄바람” (-13)
184. Nell – “그리고, 남겨진 것들” (-22)
186. Verbal Jint – “좋아보여” (feat. The Black Skirts) (+35)
193. 10cm – “애상” (-6)

Via: Gaon

Busker Busker Joined by Guckkasten and Epitone Project on Billboard’s K-Pop Hot 100

In spite of several high profile releases last week, as Billboard published their Korea K-Pop Hot 100 for the week of June 23 Busker Busker still remained in the visible top half of the chart. “벚꽃 엔딩” had moved five spots down to position 30 whereas we may be seeing the last of “여수 밤바다”, that had moved down eight spots to position 50. With eleven weeks total behind them, the two are both among the longest lasting songs currently on the chart as the one week older “이상형” has left the chart completely.

It turns out Guckkasten had entered the chart already last week with their rendition of Lee Jang Hee‘s “한잔의 추억” from I Am A Singer 2, but as it debuted on position 56 it was not until after moving up nine spots, making it up to position 45, that it became visible to those without a Billboard biz account.

Newcomers on the chart include Verbal Jint, that together with 10cm‘s Kwon Jung Yeol debuted on position 6 with “Good Morning”. Epitone Project also entered the chart, with new album lead track “새벽녘” debuting on position 18 and “다음날 아침”, featuring Han Hee Jung, debuting on position 47.

Source: Billboard

K-Indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.06.03~2012.06.09

Last Thursday came the Gaon charts for the week prior and after seeing the number of indie related titles on the chart decreasing over the last few weeks it has once again been filled by all the titles from a new album — this time Epitone Project‘s second full-length album which also debuted on the album chart at position five.

Busker Busker’s first album stayed put on position 9 on the album chart, but the songs from it have been falling. “골목길” even left the top 200.

The first full-length album from Gate Flowers lost fifteen spots and is now number 41 on the album chart. Nell‘s Slip Away lost three spots, now at position 84, whereas the soundtrack of Shut Up! Flower Boy Band currently holds position 94 on the album chart, loosing twenty seven spots since last week. After six weeks total PeppertonesBeginners Luck has now left the album chart top 100.

On the total digital track chart we find Verbal Jint‘s collaboration with 10cm‘s Kwon Jung Yeol. The position is lower than what we saw from his collaboration with The Black Skirts last year, but it does make its debut higher.

Guckkasten did remarkably well when making their first appearance on I Am A Singer 2. Even so the song doesn’t place as high as the songs from I Am A Singer used to, but that is likely from a combination of I Am A Singer 2 having yet to regain the popularity of the original series while Big Bang and Wonder Girls both released new material the same week. As can be seen from the chart, Guckkasten’s appearance on I Am A Singer 2 has already served to increase interest in their older songs.

Among the singles entering the chart there are the latest offerings from Broccoli, you too? and Yozoh. There is also the song recorded by Park Jiyoon for MBC drama I Do I Do (아이두 아이두), released on June 4th.

28. Verbal Jint – “굿모닝” (feat. Kwon Jung Yeol) (new)
36. Guckkasten – “한잔의 추억” (new)
38. Busker Busker – “벚꽃 엔딩” (-15)
40. Epitone Project – “새벽녘” (new)
47. Busker Busker – “여수 밤바다” (-13)
53. Busker Busker – “첫사랑” (-18)
63. Park Jiyoon – “I Do” (new)
65. Busker Busker – “꽃송이가” (-21)
88. Busker Busker – “외로움 증폭장치 (브래드 드럼 한판 쉬기)” (-23)
90. Busker Busker – “이상형” (-22)
93. Epitone Project – “다음날 아침” (with Han Hee Jung) (new)
95. Epitone Project – “이제, 여기에서” (new)
99. Busker Busker – “전활 거네” (-24)
103. Epitone Project – “믿을게” (new)
104. Epitone Project – “시차” (new)
107. Epitone Project – “5122″ (new)
108. Busker Busker – “골목길 어귀에서” (-27)
110. Broccoli, you too? – “잔인한 사월” (new)
112. Epitone Project – “우리의 음악” (new)
114. Epitone Project – “떠나자” (new)
115. Busker Busker – “향수” (-35)
117. Epitone Project – “초보비행” (new)
118. Yozoh – “빈 하늘 바라보며” (new)
120. Guckkasten – “거울” (new)
123. Epitone Project – “터미널” (new)
126. Epitone Project – “미뉴에트” (new)
131. Kim Ji Soo – “Vintage Man” (-30)
133. Epitone Project – “국경을 넘는 기차” (new)
162. Nell – “그리고, 남겨진 것들” (-51)
168. Busker Busker – “봄바람” (-28)
173. Guckkasten – “붉은 밭” (new)
187. 10cm – “애상” (-31)

Via: Gaon

Verbal Jint Features 10cm’s Kwon Jung Yeol on Good Morning

Rapper Verbal Jint is currently preparing to follow up Go Easy from last year with a new one called 10년동안의오독. Go Easy included hit song “좋아보여 (You Look Good)” featuring The Black Skirts and it seems as though Verbal Jint is looking to replicate the success by this time collaborating with 10cm‘s Kwon Jung Yeol for a track called “굿모닝 (Good Morning)”. On June 7th the song is released on a digital single with the same name.

A teaser video for the new single was released on YouTube earlier today by Verbal Jint’s label Brand New Music, but it has since been blocked by Universal Music Korea for alleged copyright infringement. A minute of the song in question can still be sampled through a shorter video shared earlier this week:


K-Indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.03.18~2012.03.24

The latest total Korean digital chart from Gaon was presented a couple of days ago, and unlike the week before there are quite a few new entries coming from the realm of Korean indie music.

Busker Busker, runner up on Superstar K3, have just released an album that we’ll be writing more about later this weekend and came out strong with it’s title track. Save for the title track off SHINee‘s latest mini album that made it all the way to the top, Busker Busker actually outdid all other SHINee tracks.

The rest of the new entries we’ve already covered here on the Korean Indie news blog over the past couple of weeks, so check out the tags of this post if you’d like to know more about them.

7. Busker Busker – “이상형” (new)
56. 10cm – “애상” (-12)
95. L & Yerim – “Love U Like U” (-68)
105. Monni – “사랑노래 못 쓰겠다” (new)
123. Kim Ji Soo – “해바라기” (new)
135. Skull – “쓰레기” (feat. Oksang Dalbit) (-80)
172. No Brain – “뻐꾸기 둥지 위로 날아간 새” (new)
174. Two Months – “The Romantic” (-56)
195. Tacopy – “오! 나의 여신님” (+8)
198. Acoustic Collabo – “바람이 부네요” (new)

Source: Gaon

K-Indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.03.11~2012.03.17

Although last week offered at least a couple of convincing releases there is no sight of any new indie entries on the latest total Korean digital chart from Gaon. Even Shut Up! Flower Boy Band song “Love U Like U” that made it onto last weeks Billboard K-Pop chart is out of sight. What’s worse is half the songs from last week are out. Here’s hoping things’ll look if only a little better next week.

27. L & Yerim – “Love U Like U” (new)
44. 10cm – “애상” (-12)
55. Skull – “쓰레기” (feat. Oksang Dalbit) (-5)
118. Two Months – “The Romantic” (-34)
136. Noblesse & Acoustic Collabo – “Love Diary” (-53)
184. 10cm – “안아줘요” (-47)
188. Verbal Jint – “좋아보여” (feat. The Black Skirts) (-19)

Update 2012-03-31: Turns out that L & Yerim did make it last week. Must’ve mistyped when searching the page. Sorry!

Source: Gaon

K-indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.03.04~2012.03.10

The Gaon charts covering last week are out and for the Korean digital chart we again find Big Bang holding up the top spots. Looking to the indie related entries we find three songs out and three new songs in, but also 10cm‘s “안아줘요” climbing back into the top 200 at a rate earning it a ‘hot’ mark rather than letting us see exactly how many positions it has gained since last time.

32. 10cm – “애상” (-)
50. Skull – “쓰레기” (feat. Oksang Dalbit) (new)
83. Noblesse & Acoustic Collabo – “Love Diary” (-16)
84. Two Months – “The Romantic” (-15)
129. Annyeongbada – “악마” (-53)
131. Standing Eggs – “둘이 아닌가 봐” (with Christina Love Lee) (-57)
134. Goonamguayeoridingstella – “서울사람” (new)
137. 10cm – “안아줘요” (re)
156. Taru – “봄이 왔다” (-45)
169. Verbal Jint – “좋아보여” (feat. The Black Skirts) (-20)
181. Park Jiyoon – “나무가 되는 꿈” (-50)
184. Peterpan Complex – “첫사랑” (new)

Although Peterpan Complex have been promoting their fifth full-length album with a music video for “감정을 삼키고”, it is their second main track of the album that has made it to the chart.

Those looking to learn a bit more on Skull will want to read this recent interview from CJ E&M enewsWorld: [Interview] Skull: Korea′s Lone Reggae Musician. The interview itself does not touch specifically on the collaboration with Oksang Dalbit, but it provides some insight into reggae in Korea.

The Goonamguayeoridingstella track is the opening track off the Seoul Seoul Seoul 2CD compilation. Brief samples of all songs on the album can be found on Round & Round’s SoundCloud.

Source: Gaon

K-indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.02.26~2012.03.03

The latest Korean digital chart from Gaon sees the top dominated by Big Bang‘s latest mini album, but we have have few new entries coming from the indie scene as well.

32. 10cm – “애상” (-7)
67. Noblesse & Acoustic Collabo – “Love Diary” (new)
69. Two Months – “The Romantic” (-18)
74. Standing Eggs – “둘이 아닌가 봐” (with Christina Love Lee) (new)
76. Annyeongbada – “악마” (new)
111. Taru – “봄이 왔다” (-31)
126. Soran – “벚꽃이 내린다” (-30)
131. Park Jiyoon – “나무가 되는 꿈” (-67)
149. Verbal Jint – “좋아보여” (feat. The Black Skirts) (-18)
166. J Rabbit – “인사” (-43)
184. Taru – “Summer Day” (-51)

K-indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.02.19~2012.02.25

After seeing almost her full new album on Gaon’s Korean digital chart last time, Park Jiyoon has had to see all but one of the songs fall out of the top 200 till this week. However counting no less than 6 newcomers with some indie connection the chart our weekly chart extract does not look all that empty anyway.

25. 10cm – “애상” (-7)
50. Two Months – “The Romantic” (-34)
65. Park Jiyoon – “나무가 되는 꿈” (-5)
81. Taru – “봄이 왔다” (new)
95. Soran – “벚꽃이 내린다” (new)
123. J Rabbit – “인사” (new)
124. Lee Sang Eun – “안녕, 좋은 하루” (new)
131. Verbal Jint – “좋아보여” (feat. The Black Skirts) (-8)
133. Taru – “Summer Day” (-36)
150. The Kitchen – “크로크무슈” (new)
170. OK Punk! – “Not The End” (-5)
184. 10cm – “사랑은 은하수 다방에서” (+13)
200. Mongoose – “이른 한강에서” (new)


Verbal Jint with The Black Skirts win Hiphop Playa Awards

Korea’s foremost hiphop webzine Hiphop Playa have picked winners for their own Hiphop Playa Awards 2011. With six categories total, two were won by Verbal Jint‘s “좋아보여 (You Look Good)”, featuring The Black Skirts–Single of the Year with 12.84% of the votes and Music Video of the Year with 26.3% of the votes.


K-indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.02.12~2012.02.18

As most other Thursdays, Gaon presented a new set of charts today. This time there’s a whole bunch of new entries related to the indie scene.

16. Two Months – “The Romantic” (+15)
18. 10cm – “애상” (-2)
50. Park Jiyoon – “나무가 되는 꿈” (new)
97. Taru – “Summer Day” (new)
123. Verbal Jint – “좋아보여” (feat. The Black Skirts) (-8)
135. Park Jiyoon – “그럴꺼야” (new)
152. Park Jiyoon – “고백” (new)
160. Park Jiyoon – “그땐” (new)
161. Park Jiyoon – “오후” (new)
162. Casker – “New World” (-8)
165. OK Punk! – “Not The End” (new)
170. Park Jiyoon – “사랑하지 않아” (new)
179. Park Jiyoon – “너에게 가는 길” (new)
186. Park Jiyoon – “그 날들처럼” (new)
191. Shinchireem – “퇴근길” (-63)
193. Park Jiyoon – “Quiet Dream” (-91)
197. 10cm – “사랑은 은하수 다방에서” (+30)
200. Park Jiyoon – “별” (new)

With that Park Jiyoon now has all songs but one from her new album on the chart. Only song missing being closing track “소리”–composed by and also featuring Asher Park.

Source: Gaon.

K-indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.02.05~2012.02.11

The latest total Korean digital chart from Gaon shows a few new indie related entries added as well as another few doing a bit of climbing.

16. 10cm – “애상” (-5)
31. Two Months – “The Romantic” (new)
102. Park Jiyoon – “Quiet Dream” (-46)
115. Verbal Jint – “좋아보여” (feat. The Black Skirts) (+11)
128. Shinchireem – “퇴근길” (new)
154. Casker – “New World” (new)
157. Yoon Jong Shin – “그리움 축제” (feat. Horan) (-73)
160. Shinchireem – “모르는 번호” (+33)
183. Chang Kiha & The Faces – “풍문으로 들었소” (-1)
195. Acoustic Collabo – “그대와 나, 설레임” (+32)

Turns out we had missed Park Jiyoon entering the chart with the Yongrin arranged “Quiet Dream” last week, but we’ll be keeping track of it from now on. Since this list is all compiled manually there’s bound to be the occasional mistake. Feel free to point it out when you spot one and let us know if there is any artist you think is missing.

From now on we’ll also keep track of duo Two Months as they for the first time have entered the chart with a song outside of their competition in SuperStar K3. The song “The Romantic” was released on a digital single with the same name on February 10th. In addition to the regular version the single includes a piano version and an instrumental version of “The Romantic”. It was released as part 1 of the soundtrack for the tvN ‘real love variety’ show with the same name.


K-indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.01.29~2012.02.04

Three entries out and only two new indie related entries on Gaon’s total Korean digital chart was the result when the latest edition was presented today. Both of the new songs are related to Yoon Jong Shin, and Cho Jung Chi  has been involved in both as well.

11. 10cm – 애상 (-6)
84. Yoon Jong Shin – 그리움 축제 (feat. Horan) (new)
126. Verbal Jint – 좋아보여 (feat. The Black Skirts) (-23)
159. Kim Ji Soo & Taru – 더 좋아 (-77)
182. Chang Kiha & The Faces – 풍문으로 들었소 (-55)
193. Shinchireem – 모르는 번호 (new)

Source: Gaon

K-indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.01.22~2012.01.28

It’s a new week with the Korean Total Digital Chart from Gaon, but unfortunately the indie presence on the chart has dropped since last week. However we do see one very well deserving newcomer. And as could be expected with the late release of OK Punk!‘s 2NE1 cover, the song in question has done a fair bit of climbing.

5. 10cm – “애상” (-2)
82. Kim Ji Soo & Taru – “더 좋아” (-22)
103. Verbal Jint – “좋아보여” (feat. The Black Skirts) (+3)
116. OK Punk! – “Ugly” (+81)
127. Chang Kiha & The Faces – “풍문으로 들었소” (-66)
149. Sentimental Scenery – “View” (new)
173. Clazzi – “Love & Hate” (with Yi Sung Yol, MYK) (-82)
182. Leessang – “TV를 껐네…” (feat. Yoon Mirae, Kwon Jung Yeol of 10cm) (+1)

Source: Gaon

2011 in Music According to Daum Music Bar

Courtesy of music webzine 100BEAT, Daum’s Music Bar has presented a summary of 2011 listing some of the best singles and albums the year had to offer. The lists have been posted part by part throughout January, with the TOP 10 albums revealed this week:

1. Chang Kiha & The Faces장기하와 얼굴들
2. Jeong Cha Sik황망한 사내
3. Yi Sung YolWhy We Fail
4. Goonamguayeoridingstella우정모텔
5. Idiotape11111101
6. Huckleberry Finn까만 타이거
7. The Black SkirtsDon’t You Worry Baby (I’m Only Swimming)
8. The Moonshiners푸른밤의 Beat!
9. Cho Deok HwanLong Way Home
10. Yellow MonstersRiot!


K-indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.01.15~2012.01.21

The Gaon charts are usually published on Thursdays, but with the Lunar New Year holiday and all this week they were delayed till today. This week sees more climbing than falling compared to last week for the indie acts on the Korean Total Digital Chart:

3. 10cm – “애상” (+1)
60. Kim Ji Soo & Taru – “더 좋아” (new)
61. Chang Kiha & The Faces – “풍문으로 들었소” (+36)
91. Clazzi – “Love & Hate” (with Yi Sung Yol, MYK) (new)
106. Verbal Jint – “좋아보여” (feat. The Black Skirts) (+12)
115. Eye To Eye – “창문 너머 어렴풋이 옛 생각이 나겠지요” (new)
163. Acoustic Collabo – “그대와 나, 설레임” (+6)
165. Jaurim – “하루” (-44)
183. Leessang – “TV를 껐네…” (feat. Yoon Mirae, Kwon Jung Yeol of 10cm) (-7)
197. OK Punk! – “Ugly” (new)


K-indie on Gaon’s Digital Chart, 2012.01.08~2012.01.14

A couple of years ago Korea’s Ministry of Culture launched Gaon–an official set of charts registering music sales. Streaming, downloads, background music for online sites and mobile sales all contribute towards the total digital charts and with the big increase in popularity of Korean indie music it’s no longer a rare sight finding Korean indie songs on the TOP200. Here’s what those sales looked on the indie side last week:

4. 10cm – “애상” (+5)
97. Chang Kiha & The Faces – “풍문으로 들었소” (new)
118. Verbal Jint – “좋아보여” (feat. The Black Skirts) (-7)
121. Jaurim – “하루” (-89)
169. Acoustic Collabo – “그대와 나, 설레임” (-24)
174. Goodmorning Heaven – “Goodmorning Heaven” (feat. Hareem) (new)

If you think more artists should’ve been included on this list, or perhaps that some don’t belong please let us know and we’ll take that into consideration for next week.