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Beatball’s Record Fair Vinyls Available Again

In time for the Seoul Record & CD Fair in June Beatball Records made sure to press a couple of limited edition vinyls, for Lim Ji Hoon‘s Organ Orgasm and a special acoustic EP 이사/화창한 날에  from The Freaks. After the fair rumors had it Beatball would soon make the remaining copies available in record stores, but now it seems the label has made altogether new pressings with Organ Orgasm pressed on red vinyl.

Each release is now limited to 100 copies and the release date is set to September 20th.  Pre-orders of the Lim Ji Hoon album have already sold out at Hyang Music but can still be made at Purple Record. The EP from The Freaks is still available from both retailers.

KimC’s Priority Released on Vinyl

End of March Hot Potato vocalist and guitarist KimC released his first solo project Priority. Already at that time there were plans for a vinyl edition, but it was not until June 13th that it was finally released.

Previous closing track “옥상에서 부르는 노래” has now taken on the English title “Would You Wanna Know” and as a special bonus track for the vinyl release a remix of the same song has been included. Available in a limited edition of 300 the Priority vinyl can only be purchased via All copies are numbered and sent out in the same order as the orders come in.

In a recent interview with Korea Indie KimC put out his thoughts on how music is heard, stating that “by releasing my new solo album on vinyl I feel like I am providing the fans with the high quality sound which they deserve.” He also revealed that he’s planning a 5.1 channel mix version.

Via: allkpop; KimC Priority

Beatball Releases Vinyls for Record Fair

This weekend, June 2nd through 3rd, the 2nd Record & CD Fair in Seoul will take place at Ax-Korea. There will be a number of performances, and being a record fair plenty of labels will be taking part in the exhibition. Some have printed special releases for the event, and among them are Beatball Records that announced two limited edition vinyl editions a few weeks ago.

Lim Ji Hoon‘s Organ Orgasm will be available on vinyl with a new cover, the release limited to 300 copies. Even more exclusive is a new 7″ EP from The Freaks, available in 200 copies. The EP includes acoustic versions of “청춘 만만세”, “우리 같이” and “화창한 날에” from their first album as well as new song “안녕 (소녀)”.

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Solo Project from Hot Potato’s Kim C Out Today

Hot Potato‘s Kim C has made quite the name for himself over the last few years, primarily for being part of the popular travel oriented 1 Night 2 Days (1박 2일) variety show. This translated into quite the success for Hot Potato’s ‘imaginary soundtrack’ Seesaw (시소), granting them both Best Band Performance at MAMA 2010 and Song of the Year at KMA2011 for “고백”.

After spending 15 months in Berlin, Kim C picked up his instruments again and presented his first solo release Priority today, March 27th. With a base in dub the sounds on this mini album are on the electronic side.

Although having done most of the work on the album’s five tracks himself, for main track “Love” fellow Hot Potato member Go Bum Jun has composed the music. The digital and CD releases are both out now, but a vinyl edition limited to 300 copies should be released in April. A music video is on the way, but it remains unclear when exactly it’ll be released.

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First International Album from Released

After several years in the making, long at last‘s first international album Secret Stories Heard From a Girl in an Opium Den got its international release on March 6th. Published by US label Burnt Toast Vinyl the 2xLP album is also available both on CD and online with slightly different tracklists.

Gathering some of’s best songs throughout the years, the album opens with 2–more than ten year’s later perhaps still’s most popular song, originally included on the soundtrack for Take Care of My Cat (고양이를 부탁해). Having always been one of the most interesting entities in Korea’s indie scene the album offers a great variety in styles. Learn more about the album from the album info.

eMusic called the album genius and put ‘HIGHLY RECOMMENDED’ at the end of their brief review of the album. MTV Iggy too reviewed the album last week: Electronic Blues by a Seoul Art Collective. Mark got a preview of the album prior to the album and reviewed it for Korean Indie after the Korean release in November.