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Love X Stereo Announce New EP Glow

love x stereo glow

With fundraising for their North American tour still in progress, Love X Stereo announced their newest EP called Glow. Fans on the tour will be able to see the songs from Glow performed live.

Love X Stereo start the tour on September 27 and they will be touring for a little over a month. The full schedule is still being finalized with shows being added, but some of the big dates are at the MidPoint Music Festical, CMJ Music Marathon, M.E.A.N.Y Fest, and Indie Week Canada.

Here are the announced dates with newly revealed shows in italics.

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Daybreak’s SPACEenSUM releases on April 17th

On Tuesday April 17th, Daybreak is going to release their third album SPACEenSUM. Their last release Mr. Rolling Stone was released in 2011 and their second full-length Auora came out in 2010. In addition to eleven new songs the release comes with “Mr. Rolling Stone” and “Shall We Dance?” from last year’s digital singles as bonus tracks.

Happy Robot Records released an album teaser of the album with samples of each song. From listening through the album teaser, Daybreak are experimenting with different sounds from indie rock, electro-pop, and some jazz lounge. Without hearing the whole album, it’s difficult to know the overall direction but it does sound like there’s some interesting sounds.