Park Jiyoon with Asher and No Reply + Dear Cloud Members on New Album

Former K-pop star Park Jiyoon released her eighth full-length album, 나무가 되는 꿈, today. As was hinted from her collaboration with Dear Cloud‘s Yongrin on the track “Quiet Dream“, much like for her seventh full-length album she’s again worked together with names from the indie scene.

In addition to Yongrin, that has written the songs “고백” and “그 날들처럼” and arranged not only “Quiet Dream” but also both “너에게 가는 길” and “별”, Asher Park, that also helped out on Park Jiyoon’s seventh album, has composed and is featured on the song “소리”. New to assisting Park Jiyoon is No Reply‘s Kwon Soon Gwan that has composed and arranged the album’s title track.

If you’re curious about Park Jiyoon’s transition from mainstream till today Soompi has gathered interview excerpts from a TV show.

Source: maniadb


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