Double-Up with First Solo Album from Mot’s eAeon

eAeon of Mot will finally release his first solo album, Guilt-Free, on February 2nd. The Hyun Jin Young cover previously released as a digital single is included, and with “Drug” on the tracklist it seems as though the fan demo favorite that is eAeon’s cover of the The Czars song with the same name has gotten a proper recording. The other eight titles all appear to be original songs. Guilt-Free comes as a double CD, with the second CD holding instrumental versions of all songs from the first.

A teaser for the album was revealed shortly after the release of the 슬픈 마네킹 single:


During a show at CJ azit last year eAeon performed album main track “Bulletproof” together with Park Soyu:


Source: Hyang Music


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